World Sustainability Summit 2021 Aims to Craft Solutions for ‘Ecosystem Restoration’

New Delhi

The world is going through an unprecedented crisis due to the global pandemic and the axis of global focus has revolved around that with renewed zeal and urgency due to the devastating humanitarian and economic crisis that ensued in the wake of the pandemic.

The global pandemic has reinforced the global focus on climate change as well due to the dual short-term and long-term effect it has on climate. This whole crisis has given people a fresh outlook, motivation, and mission to build a more sustainable and resilient world as a business and the usual attitude could land us in grave danger than the pandemic. 

The Policy Times in association with The Shakti Plastics and Recyclean is organizing “World Sustainability Summit 2021” scheduled on 4-5 June 2021 to where business leaders, innovators, environmentalists, and policymakers will prepare a roadmap for ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ through industry and innovation.

Every year June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day to adopt a fresh outlook and new agenda to act as a yardstick to shape our activities that help build a healthy relationship of co-existence between humans and nature.
On the occasion of this World Environment Day, The Policy Times in association with The Shakti Plastic Industries and Recyclean Inc is organizing World Sustainability Summit 2021 online on 4th & 5th June 2021 to set a wave of brainstorming energy to outline a new model of economic development and Industry & Innovation-driven agenda for ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. The program is also supported by GreenScape and ECOEX. The industry is one of the instrumental pillars of the global economic structure hence a sustainable industry-driven agenda to spark conducive synergy between people and planet and contribute positively towards realizing the collective vision of clean and green earth is necessary to provide direction for future action. 

World Sustainability Summit 2021 is going to witness the world’s leading thinkers, environmentalists, policymakers, and industrialists coming together and exchanging ideas and solutions to build a new green development model that globalizes the action agenda, goal, and commitment but inspires local action.WSS is going to touch upon some of the key factors including the impact of covid-pandemic on the environment and craft the enhanced role of industry-led innovation in fighting climate change and successfully achieve Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations. 

As the urgency of the climate crisis settles into the mind of the world there is renewed call to the world leaders to redefine the role of nations towards climate action and global commitment for an alternative & innovative globally integrated system for responsible action for the green future of the earth. The 2 days summit is going to witness some of the most notable and dignitary figures from around the world. From political leaders like  India’s Environment Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar to Begum Habibun Nahar, Deputy Environment Minister of Bangladesh pledging their support for a sustainable world to policy influencers like NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Dr. Rajiv Kumar to international personalities like Mr. Erik Solheim former UN Environment Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General, & Norway’s Environment Minister to renowned persons from the industries like Mr. Rahul V Poddar, Managing Director of The Shakti Plastic Industries, a company that has been providing business solutions in plastic waste management for the last five decades. Mr. Poddar is the third generation leader continuing the legacy started by his predecessors and worked relentlessly as the spearhead of one of the pioneer organizations in the field of plastic waste management and inspired exemplary contribution to bringing a business model that helps build a sustainable and resilient world. 

Our organizing partners without whom such a large conference would not have been possible include Indian Plastics Institute, Material Recycling Association of India(MRAI), and Indus International Research Foundation (IIRF), Services Export Promotion Council, etc. in association with University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Gaza University and Impact Youth Sustainability.

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