American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) anounces an Ultimate Global Business Connection B2B/B2C portal

Ismail Khan, President, and CEO of American Global Business

NewYork, U.S.A

American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) announce the launch of an Ultimate Global Business Connection B2B/B2C (Business to Business/Business to Consumers) portal where business, buyers, sellers consumers and service providers meet. a market trendsetter for the small and medium enterprises globally.

This portal is designed to help build strong business foundations for SME using our specialized services. The portal essentially has a membership module, marketplace for members and American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Store for visitors as core services. It has our featured products, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Fashion Brands, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Magazine, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Newsletter, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) TV, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Divisions, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars, various talent competitions, etc.

The membership is by subscription and approval method with a minimal cost of the subscription. The store is where you can buy American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) brands.

The portal will include industry verticals for the global alliance with holistic business requirements and solutions engagement experience to its members and viewers.

The portal will provide business deals, business opportunities, global reach, knowledge and skills training, networking, ideas to build/expand a business and more.

American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) CEO, Ismail Khan interacted with the media during the launch; he said, “This is the augmentation of years of research in understanding markets demand and supply with global trends. What American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) brings to the world of business is a single window platform where you can network for business as well as learn about business. The portal is your window to understand the connection between global demand and supply. “

Khan has had the experience to indulge in many businesses with different Industry verticals, his career has kept him on the move and traveled globally for business. The portal is a collection of his achievements and vision to aggregate resources and opportunities for business benefits.

Today at launch we announce a trial membership for 30 days for all those who get to and register as a member for FREE.

American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) is a resource of local, national and international trade and services exclusively accessible to registered members. Member companies will be exposed to a listing of trade and services which is accessible to fellow members through various types of media such as American Global Business (AGB) Online Platform, American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) TV, AAmerican Global Business, Inc. (AGB) Radio, American Global Business Magazines, E-Zines, Weekly and Monthly Newsletters, Local, National and Global Networking Events, Global Expo’s and Conferences.

American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) provides companies not only from United States but all parts of the world with secure worldwide exposure to a group of companies with integrity. American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) gives members the security and confidence in establishing business relationships with prospective suppliers, customers, and partners. The membership system eliminates false offers and inquiries. It is resistant to various kinds of scams/hackers which is common in today`s world of emails and global information highway.

American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) has a great potential in the United States as well as around the world to harvest new members from various trades, manufacturing, and services.
For example, Asia is known for its quality labor at a very competitive price. Asia exports various kinds of products worldwide and is also known as a global provider of technology, services such as call centers, medical transcriptions, outsourcing of various tasks such as architectural and structural designs, data encoding, etc.

Small, medium and large scale businesses in the United States and around the world, both in trade and services, are in need of better channels for exposure to compete with the big companies whose networks are already established. American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) can open the doors of many companies to a wider array of business opportunities through its 21st Century Global Business Community.

Ismail Khan, President, and CEO of American Global Business, Inc. (AGB), cites expense and a lack of resources as the factors that keep small businesses from taking the global plunge. So, what are some of these “barriers and solutions to entry”? Whether it`s through the Internet or a personal contact, business owners seeking to go global must create a presence in the international marketplace.

American Global Business, Inc., does just that. Businesses join the company as members and have access to other members and partners, advice, suppliers worldwide and exposure to global markets through marketing.

This innovative, business-community approach is creating local, national and global success for small businesses and changing the way small businesses do business in a big, global way. American Global Business, Inc. (AGB) introduces all of this comprehensive information through our website

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