3 young Indians launch world’s largest virtual incubator and ecosystem


Three youngsters launched World’s largest virtual incubator in India called Aatmanirbhar.live to contribute to $5 Trillion economy by empowering migrant workers and MSMEs. The program is inspired by a Government of India’s initiative called Aamanirbhar Bharat and the main objective would be to provide necessary resources to workers and MSMEs to survive and boost the Indian economy in the worst time because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Bhaskar Negi, Anis Turak, and Yasmeen Sheikhare the team members of a startup advertising agency called Roiww.co and felt a need & desire to help India to make it Aatmanirvhar (self-reliant). Aatmanirbhar.live is a platform for 130 crores of Indians to showcase their idea or business from anywhere in India by submitting their videos at Aatmanirbhar.live and get a chance to develop and run their business with required resources. Aatmanirbhar.live will also launch a virtual event in Hindi & English to help people and their businesses on how to become Aatmanirbhar during the pandemic.

The founders started their Roiww.co – Advertising and technology agency with limited resources and contacted their mentor Dr Tausif Malik and presented their Roiww.co – Advertising and technology agency and their vision of Aatmanirbhar.live, who advised them not to seek funding from anyone. They used his advised and built their business using Maker model for startups, where different startups collaborate with each other and save resources.

According to the news media report, there are around 60 million MSMEs in a country and employ an estimate of 110 million. According to a survey by All India Manufacturers’ Association (AIMO), 35 percent of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and 37 percent of the self-employed respondents said their enterprises were beyond recovery.

MSMEs contribute 29% of the GDP of India and if these business fails to survive it will affect the economy in the worst way. So, Aatmanirbhar.live would help the new and old businesses to fight the Corona pandemic and help to contribute to the $5 Trillion economy. According to the Census 2001, there are 400 million workforces and 89 million of these are migrants workers.

Migrant workers are the backbone of the Indian economy and now they are hesitating to return to the city. Aatmanirbhar.live world’s largest virtual incubator would also work for the development of migrants.

The new startup advertising agency which is bootstrapped was established in the first quarter of 2020 with a mission to help MSMEs to recover from old and new challenges like demonetization, GST and a final nail of Pandemic. Three team members said in a collective voice that with their corporate-level branding and marketing services at affordable fees, they were able to promote local-level brand against foreign companies. Their mission of vocal for local had already started in 2020.

Two upstart clients Magicklean and Pizzaronee trusted them with their marketing, branding and digital services; the new marketing campaign for Pizzaronee ‘School Time in Quarantine’ and Magicklean ‘work from Home or Work at Home’ was well received and successful and helped them sustain them during COVID 19 pandemic.

On an individual level, the team have helped and connected businesses to resources to survive this pandemic and this is what we want at a national level through Aamtanirbhar.live: a free of cost platform to showcase the businesses.

Yasmeen Sheikh (Co-founder & Operation Director): People and businesses are not connected to the right resource which is one of the reasons why they are not able to survive but Aatmanirbhar.live will connect people and their businesses to the right resources. Using Maker model for startups, where different startups collaborate and save resources.”

Bhaskar Negi (Co-Founder & Head of Aatmanirbhar.live) said that “Whenever India went through the economic trouble a Swadeshi movement started. As we have studied from pre-independence to post-independence, India was able to survive and I believe this that Aatmanirbhar.live is the New Swadeshi movement of the 21st century which will help India to survive again.”

Anis Turak (Co-founder & Creative Director) says, “Aatmanirbhar.live is a platform for everyone from city to village people. It will empower rural people which will make a difference. This pandemic can be game-changer for India to become self-reliant and Swadeshi in the real sense.”

Aatmanirbhar.live will work and collaborate with the government, organizations, and private companies for India to become Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

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