India’s only ecosystem to connect Indian Muslim Entrepreneurs

“Networking - Startup Showcase - Entrepreneurship Awards - Exhibition will held on November 26th 2017, Pune India”.

USA/INDIA is an initiative aimed at driving Indian Muslim involvement in India’s startup and technology economy. Indian American Dr. Tausif Malik has a long history of involvement in business, technology, and community organizing. He is the creator of America’s Largest Community based Spelling Bee competition

The AIMBSN’s theme is “ Connect, Support, Inspire & Grow ”, expressing the vision of the India’s Muslim community becoming more involved in stimulating the business sector and developing opportunities for the next generation.

The first event (All India Business Startup Network) – Conference – Networking – Startup Showcase – Entrepreneurship Awards- Exhibition will held on November 26th 2017, Pune India.

AIMBSN’s vision and benefit is to connect with the Government of India’s initiatives and policies such as Make India, Startup India- Standup India, Digital India & Skill India. (All India Muslim Business Startup Network) ecosystem consists of the following:

Events: We would conduct grand day long Business conference, networking and Startup events across India and Monthly Breakfast Business Networking events

Social network: Social Network Site, where individuals & businesses, can post their businesses, requirements, investment opportunities, blogs and we will promote them to our database of global investors and business community.

Incubators & accelerators: We are in talks with minority institutions to establish Incubators & accelerators, where the startups, mentors, investors and community can interact with each other to promote business and startups. We will also encourage minority institution to apply for Government of India promoted Atal Tinkering Labs & Atal Incubation Centers.

Venture capital: Our vision is by 2018 to launch AIMBSN Venture Capital fund, there are many NRI Indian Muslims who want to invest in their motherland India.

Dr. Malik said that “The AIMBSN’s conference will include Networking sessions, Speakers, Startup Showcase, Entrepreneurship Awards supported by Zee Salaam, Vendor Stalls where attendees will interact with each other and exchange business ideas and business cards”.

AIMBSN is an ideal conference to connect with Muslim entrepreneurs, Halal businesses and $300 billion USD valued Indian Muslim consumer market. All India Muslim Business & Startup Network (AIMBSN) is a platform for Muslim Businesses, Investors & Startups to connect with mainstream business ecosystem

After the launch event in Pune, AIMBSN would be held at other locations in India, Gulf countries (GCC countries), USA, UK & Canada, where there is significant Indian Muslim diaspora, who want to be part of the development of their motherland INDIA.

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