STARTUP OMAN Hosts Two Entrepreneurs

Muscat, OMAN

Startup Oman, the sultanate’s only platform created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and the ‘Home of Entrepreneurship’ in Oman has hosted the August edition of Caribou Chats on August 9.

Caribou Chats is an educational programme designed specifically for Oman’s startup community. It aims to fully promote the entrepreneurial lifestyle, with all of its daily hurdles and learnings. Speaking on the Startup Oman stage was Firas al Musafir, founder and CEO of Innovation Factory, the first digital manufacturing plant in Oman. He has studied physics and astronomy and worked on different innovative projects in both the private and governmental sectors in Oman.

Joining Musafir was Sharifa al Barami. Sharifa is the managing director of Wadi Accelerator. She is a graduate of the National CEO programme, (Cohort I), an entrepreneurship development consultant, mentor and businesswoman with a performance excellence track record spanning over 16 years in both public and private sectors.Musafir said, “Innovation is a natural talent that everyone is capable of. At Innovation Factory, we’re democratising innovation and meeting a clear need for an open source lab. However, we see ourselves as part of the bigger picture of innovation and entrepreneurship. We look forward to creating links with all the great work happening in the country.”

Sharifa spoke about her experiences when she first established her company. She said, “My top learnings include focus and grit. It’s important to remain focused to achieve long term results. Additionally, persistence when being faced by a challenge is crucial since things won’t always go your way, but you need to keep trying nonetheless.”

“Having both Sharifa and Musafir as speakers provided immense value to our programme,” said Ali Daud, co-founder of Startup Oman. The next event will be on August 20 in Innovation Factory in KOM. Registration is required at

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