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Qatar Foundation to set up alumni startup accelerator


H H Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, has urged graduates of Qatar Foundation to cultivate friendships among themselves and utilize these relationships to advance innovative ideas and projects. She delivered this message during the annual Alumni Forum, a gathering that brought together numerous alumni from Qatar Foundation’s extensive educational ecosystem. This ecosystem comprises 13 schools, seven international partner universities, and Hamad Bin Khalifa University. The event aimed to foster reconnections, share stories and experiences, establish networks, and facilitate discussions on various topics such as career pathways and job opportunities.

The Alumni Forum, organized as part of the QF Alumni Program launched in 2022, took place at the Multaqa (Education City Student Center) and was attended by notable figures including H E Sheikha Hind, Vice-Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation, government officials, dignitaries, industry leaders, and business executives. It provided a platform for alumni to directly communicate challenges they face to key decision-makers and engage in conversations about potential solutions.

During her speech at the Forum, Sheikha Moza emphasized the importance of maintaining strong bonds between Qatar Foundation and its alumni. She stated that the primary objective of the gathering was not merely to meet but to exchange ideas and reflect on the achievements of the alumni, with the aim of developing effective strategies to implement desired outcomes. She highlighted that many groundbreaking innovations worldwide, particularly in the fields of education and health, have emerged from shared ideas among students. The Forum aimed to strengthen relationships among alumni, offering them an opportunity to connect with peers, transform these connections into lasting friendships, and eventually collaborate on partnerships and projects. Sheikha Moza emphasized the significance of such relationships, noting that numerous initiatives and impactful projects globally have originated from like-minded students who share dreams, goals, and confidence in their abilities.

In support of its alumni, Qatar Foundation announced the establishment of an alumni startup accelerator fund. This fund will provide various forms of support to QF graduates. The Forum included dedicated sessions where alumni engaged in direct dialogues with representatives from the government and private sector. These sessions focused on three main themes: nation-building, entrepreneurship, and employability. Additionally, there was an open discussion addressing the challenges faced by the alumni and exploring potential solutions to expand their opportunities for success and contribution in these areas.

Francisco Marmolejo, President of Higher Education at Qatar Foundation, described the alumni as the epitome of Qatar Foundation’s investment and belief in the transformative power of education. Regardless of the school or university they graduated from, they constitute a unified community — a local, regional, and global community of Qatar Foundation alumni. Marmolejo emphasized that while they may have different aspirations and embark on diverse life journeys, their connection to Qatar Foundation serves as a bond that unites them. This connection is reinforced through the values they embody, the mindsets instilled in them, and their shared commitment to driving positive change.

Mohammed Fakhroo, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at Qatar Foundation’s Higher Education Division and an alumnus of Qatar Academy Doha, expressed the significance of the Forum in terms of nostalgia, happiness, and community among the alumni. He emphasized that it also

provides a platform for Qatar Foundation’s alumni to contribute to important conversations. Fakhroo described how QF alumni share a deep appreciation for the education and experiences that have shaped their lives, broadened their perspectives, and paved the way for their future endeavors. Their passion lies in making a difference and contributing to society. By enabling them to directly communicate with decision-makers and share their stories, viewpoints, ideas, and solutions, Qatar Foundation reaffirms its commitment to supporting the goals of its alumni and nurturing Qatar’s pool of talent.

To date, over 14,000 students have graduated.

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