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IR4LAB has successfully completed a pilot project to track donation using Blockchain

Saudi Arabia

During this holy month of Ramadan, and as part of its social actions, IR4LAB, a Saudi-based company and one of MENA’s leading providers specialized in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, has used Blockchain technology to track food packages delivered to recipient families, providing an end-to-end traceability of the entire process. Using DocCerts, its Blockchain solution to issue, sign and verify documents on the Blockchain.

IR4LAB was able to generate a unique authenticity card for each package, a unique ID and QR code has then been assigned to the package, allowing the recipient to scan or enter the ID to Verify the package’s details and content from the source in real time.

In fact, once the package is scanned or verified, an entry is added to the transaction history, also allowing confirmation of receipt in real-time, this resulted in time-saving usually required to report back to the donors in similar processes.

Additionally, the system allows an approval workflow, this is particularly helpful in the event of a transaction involving many stakeholders, which is often the case as charity initiatives go through several organizations, whether government entities, private or non-for-profit organizations.

Charity initiatives are an important cornerstone of society to strengthen the social fabric, promote local and international cooperation but also improve the daily lives of many communities around the world. Yet, they are prone to fraud and misuse, which may negatively impact the trust of donors, hence the role that a Blockchain based traceability system could play is essential to mitigate these risks and add a layer of transparency and trust.

Majd Jamal Alafifi Co-Founder & CEO of IR4LAB, said “This is a great example of using technologies such as Blockchain in social good and we are pleased to successfully completed this unique initiative in the region”.

Mohamed EL KANDRI Co-Founder & CTO of IR4LAB added “We are very proud to be able to use solutions we have developed to help our communities in a meaningful way, and we believe that new technologies could achieve even more in line with the sustainable development goals not only in the region but across the globe”.

IR4LAB envisions collaborating with stakeholders in the region and charity organizations to further, expand this pilot project and use new technologies as a lever for achieving social development goals.

IR4LAB, is a Saudi-Based innovation-driven company specializing in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. IR4LAB is Saudi Aramco’s First Blockchain Technology investment in Saudi Arabia.IR4LAB is committed to increasing advanced technologies adoption in Saudi Arabia and the world by implementing new business models or improving existing processes, most notably building local capabilities that can contribute greatly to achieve Saudi 2030 vision.

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