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‘Bizarre’ Airline Startup: Royal Canadian Airlines to fly to Middle East & Asia

A new Canadian-based airline called Royal Canadian Airlines is set to take off in 2023, although it is not like any other start-up we have seen lately.

Royal Canadian Airlines is one part of the four business enterprises that will be set up in Goderich Municipal Airport (CYGD).

The partnership with Royal Canadian Airlines President Waseem Javed of Revival Consulting Inc has a four-part business adventure plan to:

  • Operate Boeing 777-300ERs to Middle East & Asia destinations
  • Operate an air taxi service
  • Operate a maintenance facility
  • Operate a pilot academy and flight school

Royal Canadian Airlines claims to be an airline startup that will launch operations in 2023. The airline describes itself as “a Canadian-owned and operated airline in the certification process to become one of Canada’s premier carriers offering non-stop direct services to destinations in the Middle East & Asia.”

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