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Edtech Startup RiseBack: A Game Changer offering University Degree Programs starting at $ 75


Pune-based Indian American Social Entrepreneur Dr. Tausif Malik launched RiseBack.org offering an Affordable Colleges Degree starting at $ 75 per month to students in the USA, Africa & GCC region.

RiseBack is one of the first and only EdTech platform offering Undergraduate & Graduate degree programs and has partnered with leading Indian Universities to offer affordable University degrees to students & professionals in USA, Africa & GCC region.

RiseBack – World’s 1st Affordable Edtech platform offering Undergraduate & Graduate degree programs

Many people would argue current education needs a reboot, and online education has offered a new solution, which is democratic, one can avail it from anywhere anytime.

Organizations (non-profits or for-profits) have been actively using the technology to help individuals and organizations through YouTube, EdTech platforms, or Zoom. The majority of them support tutoring kids and preparing for competitive exams, entrance exams, or skill-based training programs.

It has impacted the lives of millions of students, one shining example is Khan Academy. There are various examples of entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg et al, who were college dropouts and established global corporations.

But, later these corporations are managed by University educated professionals. Hence, there will be always a need for qualified individuals and professionals.

Over the years, the cost of university education, especially in the US, has skyrocketed, which has resulted in many shying away from enrolling in degree programs for fear of student loans.
This has led to a shortage of qualified individuals and millions of individuals stuck up in their careers. Some challenged their situations and started their businesses, but many couldn’t take risks due to their circumstances.

Malik said that “He has lived across the GCC region and America. I have observed and met individuals and professionals working in the GCC region (UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia) who are talented, intelligent, and hardworking, but because of lack of a University degree they are not able to get better positions and pay.”

Further, he said that “As an immigrant, I had the educational advantage of holding two Masters’s degrees from India, which I earned without high student debt. In fact, I could pay the tuition on my own, without taking any help from my parents or family or student loans. So, when I compared this with my fellow Americans, I had an advantage in that I didn’t have high student loans.”
As the future belongs to Africa, RiseBack aims to help individuals and organization to achieve personal, professional, and organizational goals by connecting Indian Universities and their affordable degree programs.

RiseBack would be hosting webinar series for students & professionals from Africa, America, & GCC for details and registration visit www.RiseBack.org/events

How education helps:

 According to various research conducted by various organizations such as indeed.com . Income for undergraduates is greater than a 40% increase compared to an associate degree. Besides improved earning potential, it equips an individual with a larger range of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, resulting in growth for the professionals. The earnings increase from the bachelor’s level to the master’s level is approximately 20% (Indeed, 2021).
Education helps in an increase in remuneration, higher disposable, job security, retirement, and health benefits, and helps in ownership of the home.

 An educated workforce helps increase the talent pool for organizations. Helps in reducing downtime & loss, creates innovation, helps in the expansion of business, and achieves goals & profit.

In general, education — as a critical component of a country’s human capital — increases the efficiency of each individual worker and helps economies to move up the value chain beyond manual tasks or simple production processes (WEF 2016).

The idea of RiseBack was inspired by the Native American saying “To rise like a phoenix from the ashes”. Leveraging technology and connecting students & professionals with globally recognized Indian universities to pursue Undergraduate & Graduate degree programs and achieve their personal and professional goals.

The degree programs are not only affordable and accredited but can be studied from the comfort of their homes. The degree programs are so affordable that the average monthly fee starts at $75 per month.

Hence, No Student Debt, No cost of campus lodging and boarding, & learn while you earn.
Indian universities are established under the University Grants Commission of India, hence degrees are accepted globally, hence students can pursue their professional and academic careers.

Indian Universities over the years created super successful alumni who are heads of Fortune 500 companies, Noble Laureates, Scientists, Academicians, IT Professionals, Serial Entrepreneurs & investors.
RiseBack would be hosting webinar series for students & professionals from Africa, America, & GCC for details and registration visit www.RiseBack.org/events

RiseBack is a small step in empowering students to earn their future without Student Debt, this would make them more confident in achieving their higher professional goals, leading to higher disposable income and triggering economic activity.
Students & professionals from across the globe can visit RiseBack.org to know more about the degree programs.

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