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ISSF invests $1.5 million in Sadu Capital to invest in Jordanian startups


The Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund (ISSF) announced an investment in Sadu Capital’s early-stage fund, a venture capital fund focused on empowering technology startups and SMEs in Jordan and the region. As part of this collaboration, ISSF has committed an investment of $1,500,000 in Sadu Capital, further fulfilling its mission to fuel economic growth and technological advancement in Jordan.

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“We are proud to partner with Sadu Capital and contribute to the development of Jordan’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem,” Mohammed Al-Muhtaseb, CEO at ISSF. “Our investment in Sadu Capital aligns with our vision of catalysing the growth of our ecosystem of innovative startups in Jordan, creating employment opportunities and driving economic growth.  Sadu’s interest in the Jordanian market is a testament to our unique Jordanian talent and to the well-positioned Jordanian startups.  Bringing in a dynamic fund like Sadu into the Jordanian market would add great value to the ecosystem as it provides Jordanian startups with accelerated access to the Saudi and GCC markets as well as access to finance throughout their journey.”

Sadu Capital’s fund focuses on investing in early-stage (Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages) startups across various sectors, with a particular emphasis on B2B companies. Their investment strategy spans multiple geographies, including Jordan, KSA, UAE and Egypt.

“Jordan has played a pivotal role in the Mena entrepreneurial ecosystem as the producer of transformative startups and top talent who shape the industries they tackle. Partnering with ISSF we aim to scaling up promising startups to become regional champions,” said Qusai A. AlSaif, Managing Director and CEO of Sadu Capital.

This partnership between ISSF and Sadu Capital marks an exciting milestone in the advancement of Jordan’s startup ecosystem. By combining their extensive networks, resources, and expertise, the investment aims to accelerate the growth of startups and SMEs in the country. This alliance will not only provide financial support but also foster groundbreaking innovation, and job creation, and contribute to the overall economic diversification of the region. Together, ISSF and Sadu Capital are positioned to drive change and establish Jordan as a thriving hub for entrepreneurial success in Mena.

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