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T-Vencubator launches in Egypt to invest in local startups


In the heart of Egypt’s innovation hub, T-Vencubator introduces ‘Vencubation’—a unique blend of Venture Capital and Incubation, committed to solving everyday challenges through tech-driven solutions. As the first Egyptian Tech Venture Capital and Incubator, T-Vencubator exclusively invests in Egyptian startups with a vision to digitize the nation and address the daily hurdles faced by its citizens.

Reem Safy, T-Vencubator’s CEO, expressed, “We believe that technology will solve a lot of Egypt’s problems. We’re not just putting money into startups; we’re investing in exceptional talents that are shaping the future of Egypt.”

T-Vencubator is dedicated to reshaping Egypt’s future by fostering local innovation and providing a platform for startups to thrive. The company’s mission is anchored in solving everyday problems through technology, leveraging its unique position as the first Egyptian Tech Vencubator while doing that in a unique style rooted in Egyptian culture.

“The ‘T’ in T-Vencubator signifies our core values: Tomorrow, Togetherness, Technology, Transformation, and Talents, We’re paving the way for a brighter and more progressive Egypt,” adds Hazem El Samra, Head of Growth and Marketing in T-Vencubator.

Digitizing Egypt is a step to a better Egypt, and in a rapidly evolving tech startup scene, we recognize that local insight, guidance, and financial support are indispensable for fostering innovation. T-Vencubator stands as a homegrown solution, filling the void in the Egyptian ecosystem by providing startups with the critical elements they need for success. Our involvement goes beyond financial investment; it is a partnership that combines expertise, mentorship, and resources.

Dr. Nagla Dowidar
Dr. Nagla Dowidar
Dr. Nagla Dowidar is a dynamic professional with a diverse skill set encompassing academia, learning resources, and technology. Serving as the Bureau Chief for Egypt at GCCStartup.News and holding the position of Managing Director for Egypt at RiseBack.org, Dr. Dowidar is a dedicated advocate for accessible education. RiseBack.org, under her leadership, focuses on facilitating affordable undergraduate and graduate/master's programs in collaboration with accredited Indian universities, offering starting fees as low as $60 per month. As a technology enthusiast and innovative team leader, Dr. Dowidar not only contributes to disseminating information about startups and innovation within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region but also stands out as a trainer, utilizing her expertise to empower individuals with knowledge. Her commitment to breaking barriers in education and fostering creativity makes her a notable figure in both academic and technology circles.

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