Egypt’s LoopDev launches Presentlee worldwide

Presentlee is an Apple’s AppStore platform.

Egypt, Cairo
LoopDev, a startup app development company, has officially launched Presentlee on Apple’s AppStore platform today.  Set to change how students take notes in class, the application allows simultaneous recording of photos of professor slides or whiteboard, while arranging them in slides ready to be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file format.

Students who attend frequent classes and are used to take handwritten notes will now effectively listen, analyze, understand and take notes within the app while Presentlee does the hard work of recording, arranging and exporting the final presentation for them. Once exported the presentation can be reviewed later for the specific sections that were missed or were hard during class. Once exported presentations can be reviewed later for the specific sections that were missed or were hard to grasp during class. The app has been engineered around the science fact that student’s active retention usually does not exceed 15 to 20 minutes in sessions that could very well exceed 3 hours.“We can say with confidence that students can now leave their backpacks at home. The mobile phone should now be enough for them to take to school and perform most tasks on. Not only does Presentlee enable students to take their tutors back home with them in a PPTX file format, the app gives them the opportunity to truly free up their mind to think during classes to critique and analyze the information being passed on.” Said Tarek Lasheen, Founder of LoopDev.

 He added: “Presentlee is also designed for business use. People who attend business meetings, seminars and trainings will also have the same benefits students enjoy. Exporting the sessions in PPTX means there are practically endless uses for the app. From creating a cookbook to creating training materials by teachers themselves Presentlee offers users a wide range of applications.” The app was designed with simplicity being the main factor that governs its usage. The main interface has four buttons for recording audio, recording video, pause and resume. The bottom section of its main view is dedicated for note taking. Upon the start of the lecture, all one has to do is snap a photo of what the teacher has on their screen. This action starts audio recording automatically so all what the student has to do moving forward is keep snapping photos or videos as the teachers change their screen.Once the presentation has ended, students can export their finished session from the “My Courses” section in the menu where all recorded sessions are automatically saved.
They can also create folders and arrange them by subject for easy tracking of classes during the semester.  Exported presentations can be automatically shared using any email client (Mail, Gmail, Outlook etc.., file sharing app (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) or cloud services (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox) and can be opened on PowerPoint, Keynote, LibreOffice, etc..Presentlee comes free to try for one month afterwards users get 5 free PPTX presentation exports each month and are free to choose any of the various subscription models available from within the store section in the app.

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