MENAJOBS portal launches in the Middle East to revolutionize recruitment

Dubai, UAE, the most intelligent and social recruitment platform yet, is launched today by two of the leading technology experts, Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan and Frank Aernout. The platform is going to transform the way companies post their jobs, and the way job seekers find a job based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence search engines that creates a DNA of job seekers after electronically reading a resume. The DNA is built in few seconds, providing both the recruiters as well as the job seekers with the best possible matching results.

The portal provides mobile easy access, utilizing the wide spread of smartphones in the region and worldwide. Not only that, the portal provides job seekers with the ability to search for a job by sending a simple text message from their mobile to the portal or even by sending a voice message from their mobile.

Mohammed E. Al Fardan, Co-Founder & CEO said: “This is a result of more than six years of hard work, R&D, knowledge and more than fifty years of expertise put together to optimize all latest technologies available nowadays to serve recruiters and job seekers in the entire Middle East to start with, moving soon to the whole MENA region as we progress. Our technologies maximize job matching accuracy while making it as easy as possible for everyone to use and benefit from. I take this opportunity to wish everyone good luck in finding their next move in their career as well as I wish all our recruiters the best of luck using our platform.”

Frank Aernout, Co-Founder said: “MENAJOBS takes job matching to an entirely different level. Our A.I. based analysis & matching technology understands and validates every single element in both the candidate’s résumé and the job description, work experiences, competences & skills, language knowledge and education. This results in a fast, easy and efficient way of selecting the best job for the best candidate and the best candidates for the most suited jobs. Online, on your smartphone- with MENAJOBS work happiness is only a few clicks away!”

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