Saudi based Sadeem App solution to Prevent Flooding

Saudi Arabia

Saudi company based Sadeem has created the first multi-patented flood and traffic information system with active networks in the world. It was incubated at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Mustafa Mousa founder said that “Using a mix of sensor networks, mobile apps, and visualization tools, it monitors and forecasts traffic and floods in real-time. Sadeem can provide early warnings between half an hour to six hours before the disaster. In addition to that, it also advises people which routes to avoid in case of flooding and educate them how to react in emergency situations. It could prevent damages by at least 30%’.

In the year 2009, there major floodings in Jeddah and Makkah and the idea about the system was first thought, but the project was launched last year. A team of engineers, researchers, and urban planners have been working hard to find a solution. They approached the local authorities in underdeveloped areas looking for investments.

The product uses cellular networks and a power grid. The sensors detect the water level and monitor the traffic. All the information is sent to the servers via a wireless signal. The potentially dangerous zones are marked on a map to inform the drivers and the authorities.

Mousa is also actively involved in developing the Saudi startup ecosystem. He firmly believes in its potential: Young people with ideas should start right away. With the right mindset, vision, resources, and skills to implement the action plan, they can make a huge impact.

Sadeem is the world’s first multi-patented flood and traffic information system with active networks to save lives and money in realtime. It offers a novel early detection and monitoring flood system for urban areas and drainage systems. This holistic solution consists of a combination of sensors network, mobile applications and visualization tools to face floods in a better way and mitigate its effects.

According to the company website -By using Sadeem solutions to face a flood, a city will get the following benefits:
1.Avoid casualties during a flood incident.
2.Reduce economical losses up to 30%. Sadeem enables cities to optimally allocate their resources, warn the public via messages or smart phone applications or even control the traffic.

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