UAE’s Numu Capital invests in social video analytics platform Mintrics

Dubai, UAE

Numu Capital, the Dubai-based venture capital seed fund, has invested in Mintrics, the social video analytics dashboard – the only video analytics tool that uses private APIs to provide unparalleled detailed analysis. Mintrics allows agencies and content creators to understand exactly how their videos are performing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Through a single dashboard, Mintrics benchmarks all of the subscriber’s video content against historical performance in all social channels and against industry averages. It also determines the impact of the creative elements and the advertising spend across each piece of video content.

The seed investment from Numu Capital will go towards Mintrics’ aggressive global expansion plans and further development of the technology.

“The decision to invest in Mintrics was easy – this is a start-up that has very high-growth potential, a very unique technology and a solid team behind it,” said Jamal Al-Mutarreb said, the Managing Director of Numu Capital. “It’s not big news that brands worldwide are putting more money into social video than ever before. In the US alone, social video ad spend is expected to reach US$ 4 billion by the end of this year. With all this money, it’s absolutely imperative for brands to measure in detail.”

There are over 500,000 social videos accounting for 100 billion views analyzed on Mintrics today, including BuzzFeed, Disney, AJ+, American Idol, Facebook and more. Some of the main features Mintrics provides includes the ability to compare videos head to head across networks, compile seasons and campaigns into lists and then compare those head to head as well as utilizing a unique algorithm – the Mintrics Meter that allows clients to understand, in one number, how their video is performing

Mintrics Co-founder and CEO Tarek Nasr said: “The traction we’re seeing with global content publishers is a clear reflection of the rise of digital content, as it replaces linear television networks and the cord-cutting phenomenon continues to grow. What makes Mintrics essential to content creators and publishers around the world is it will help them understand how their content is performing, enhance their future productions and gain a real competitive advantage.”

Mintrics launched almost one year ago by veteran digital professionals Tarek Nasr and Tarek Shalaby, and has since won the Start Up Alley award at the Dubai Lynx 2017, which will take the start-up to the international festival of creativity Cannes Lions in June. Mintrics is a Mass Challenge alumni.

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