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Mumbai based Yezo, bringing ease to the way news is consumed by providing factual news summaries from across the internet.

In this ever evolving world where everything is fast moving, running out of time is a stressful phenomenon which often results in having a fuzzy focus. In the midst of the passing hourglass, no one really has the time to read lengthy news articles on countless different portals to know what’s happening around them.

Yezo Short News App provides crisp and on point news summaries, covering only the heart (facts) of the news & aborts all unwanted information that come along. The posts are summarized by our efficient content creators & displayed in easy to read card format. Swipe up & down to navigate through the posts. A link of the detailed article is also provided in case readers are interested to know the news in detail. The link can be accessed by just tapping the “read more” button at the bottom of the news or simply swiping left on the screen.

Fake and misleading news has become a significant problem on social media platforms. Most people, especially the youth, end up reading about “What’s Happening Around?” from social media updates which comes with no factual authenticity. To add to that, there are way too many news applications to stay updated with the most preferred network. It’s nearly impossible to download all of them & even if you do, the amount of notifications will surely steal your happiness away.
Yezo brings news from all of your favorite networks’ in one single App to save you from multiple downloads & life-draining follow-ups. Our content creators confirm the authenticity of the news from multiple sources before posting it. Yezo App covers all categories of news, from the most serious/important incidents taking place around the globe to the trending viral news on social media.

Additional feature include, freedom to personalize your reading experience by selecting topic of your choice in “My Feed” section of the App to read what interests you. Subscribe to any listed category of your preference by tapping the “bell icon” next to it and receive notifications every time news is posted in that category. Bookmark posts that are important to you by tapping the bookmark icon and access it anytime you want in the App. Sync all your personalized settings by simply logging in with social network of your choice from Facebook/Twitter/Google+.
Yezo is a vision to uplift the ever evolving digital world by covering the news section in the most efficient & time saving manner.

Yezo is currently serving the UAE & KSA residents. Future plan of expansion involve spreading across the Gulf & Middle East AND also includes covering news in Arabic as it is the preferred language of Middle East.

You can download the app for free:

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