Cooperation agreement between “Quant” and “Morni” to develop the roadside service


Despite the recency of startups incubated at “Badir” Incubator and accelerator program, one of the programs of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, entrepreneurs in these companies were able to make progress in their areas and accomplish great achievements on the local and regional levels.

The role of “Badir” program does not only reside in incubating these projects at its headquarters and providing facilities that help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful investment projects, but also in contributing to the creation of promising investment opportunities for these companies and helping them launch strategic partnerships with other startups to achieve success in the local market.

Recently, “Badir” Program played a key role in the launching of a strategic partnership between two of its incubated projects, “Quant” company, which is specialized in the field of data science, namely data analysis, visualization and integration within business intelligence platforms, and “Morni” application which was built by young Saudis as an interactive platform that provides roadside assistance services in Saudi Arabia through a smart-phone application.

By virtue of the strategic partnership agreement concluded between the two companies, Quant company will provide support to “Morni” Application across four key areas: developing a platform to analyze and process data, thus helping in collecting, displaying and analyzing data relating to every aspect of “Morni” application, analyzing exploratory data, providing basic data to improve roadside assistance, analyzing data related to the processing of errors and elaboration of reports on the pricing of the main services, as well as providing a range of other services that include training “Morni” team and enhancing their skills in the field of data analysis and issue of reports and graphs.

Ahmed Bukhamseen, Chief Executive Officer of “Quant”, considered that this agreement is a vital agreement and a starting point for a relationship and effective partnership with one of the most prominent projects incubated at “Badir” Program. In his opinion, this agreement will contribute to the development of “Morni” application through the use of data science and in accordance with the market’s fast-changing needs and requirements in terms of service programs and applications and will also help “Morni” take decisions faster, based on statistics that are built on factual data, as Quant analysts are specialized in actuarial sciences and financial mathematics.

In this context, Salman Al-Suhaibaney, Developer of “Morni” application, affirmed that the strategic partnership agreement with “Quant” company will help the work team improve its decision-making mechanisms, reduce risks, effectively communicate with staff and users alike, learn more about the problems to be solved, predict them before they occur, improve its business performance, develop the application and take it to further horizons.

He also noted that: “Morni application provides services to people with broken down vehicles on the road through the selection of the required service, identification of the vehicle’s location and the provision of the service in a fast and effortless manner at competitive prices. The application succeeded in attracting a number of people thanks to the services it provides, namely: transportation of the broken down vehicles, recharge or change of batteries, repair or change of tires and refueling of broken down vehicles”.

On another hand, Nawaf Al Sahhaf, CEO of Badir Program for Technology Incubators said: “We are very proud of our entrepreneurs’ achievements. We are also delighted that they were able to prove themselves as developed and successful startups thanks to the hard work they have put in and the practical expert training they underwent in the program’s incubators. We hope that this agreement between “Quant” and “Morni” will be a starting point for the expansion and development of their businesses in the future”.

He added: “King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology inaugurated the two projects earlier, while “Badir” program incubated them, thus providing them with all kinds of support, whether logistical or consultative, as well as cooperation opportunities, distinguished services and necessary guidance to promote their growth and develop their business with the purpose of building a knowledge-based society and economy”.

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