Exclusive Interview with Hasan ALDOY, Founder – Doy Tech Bahrain

Hasan ALDOY, Founder-(www.doy.tech), talked to Dr. Tausif Malik, Founder-Editor of GCC Region’s First Startup & Entrepreneurship Newspaper ‘gccstartup.news’. Here are the excerpts of the Interview.

Dr. Tausif Malik: Before proceeding on with the Interview, at the outset I would like you to describe yourself so that our readers get acquainted and know you better.

Hasan ALDOY : Working in Bahrain TV, the National Broadcast Station as a Senior Broadcast Engineering for more than 16 Years. Software Developer, Designer and Director of several English & Arabic Live TV Shows.

Leading a High-level security of dedicated hosting servers. Part of the newly launched Bahrain Television Website & Social Media Content Direction Team www.btv.bh . Expert with Adobe Creative Cloud products focusing on Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere.

500 Startups B12 Graduate, San Francisco, CA (May 2015). Holder of 4 Tech Awards, the passion of broadcast has driven my career to innovate ideas into reality. Developed On-Air Game Shows for TV stations. Managed HD Migration Projects of several TV stations. Trained on Vizrt, Wasp, Pebble Beach, Omneom, Orad, GrassValley Kahuna, vMix.

Published my first mobile App in 2006.

I make dreams come true and bring joy to children.

Dr. Tausif Malik: Please tell us about your professional journey?

Hasan ALDOY : Proud founder of uTrackTV, Inc. 2012 to livestreamed events from 31 different countries. The first Bahraini Startup to be seed funded by 500 Startups in San Francisco. Exited successfully in 2016 for the most personal valuable exit of my lifetime. 
Bahrain News Agency Website 2003 – 2005 Awarded the Best News Portal under Bahrain Web Awards 2004 www.bna.bh 
Bahrain Assilah Cultural Festival 2004 Assilah International Cultural Moussem Website 2004 – 2016 (New Design each year)
Awarded the Best Cultural Website in Bahrain 2005 www.assilah.tv 
Bahrain Folk Culture Magazine 2007 – 2016 Awarded the Best Cultural & Heritage Website in Bahrain 2007 www.folkculturebh.org 

Dr. Tausif Malik: What is your company name and what does it offer?

Hasan ALDOY : Doy Tech, Inc. (www.doy.tech) is offering the missing bridge of livestreaming technology platform, using a very unique transcoding technology to broadcast HD quality over any available internet speed with the least latency. Using a Raspberry Pi device to capture SDI video signal and livestream it over YouTube/Facebook/Livestream.com. Overlay Graphics is easily included when needed.

Dr. Tausif Malik: What are the challenges you faced in establishing your business?

Hasan ALDOY : The company was first registered in Delaware, US. and then easily branched out in the Kingdom of Bahrain in very simple application. Being a self funded for now, I was able to move forward rapidly and without hesitation and was able to secure many contracts for a year in advance.

Dr. Tausif Malik: Tell us more about your participation at 2nd Bahrain Startup Weekend Competition and what preparations you did to win the competition.

Hasan ALDOY : The Bahrain Startup Weekend was the best thing ever happened to me, scoring the first place was a big milestone against many teams from the region, I developed the system and fully functional Mobile App in less than 54-hours with a great team I met onspot. Once I pitched the judges were stunned and voted for me, the same pitch also got me into the 500 Startups Accelerator Program 2 years later and into US directly.

Dr. Tausif Malik: What was your experience about going to San Francisco and participation at 500 Startups?

Hasan ALDOY : February 2015, I moved to San Francisco for 4 months, learned everything an entrepreneur needs to know about Growth hacking, managing finance, marketing and productizing the service offered by my company. I learned all about the American EcoSystem & Culture, every moment spent was worth it at the Del Norte Headquarters rich of information and valuable lessons. During my stay, I was able to enhance the live video streaming technology, broadcasting skills, developed the modules, with great help from many office hours offered by 500 Startups partners and perks, specially Rackspace.

Meanwhile, went to Dubai to livestream and direct the 2015 Drift UAE Finale event hitting a record live views of 3.6 Million from allover the World via the App under Android & iOS.

During my stay in San Francisco, I visited Google Ville and had a life changing opportunity to attend many of Google’s Meetups about growth hacking, coding and development, I even signed up as an official member of Google for Entrepreneurs initiative and Project X. Great times with extraordinary people.

Dr. Tausif Malik:  Bahrain has great infrastructure, Great talent, but why so Iess no of startups?

Hasan ALDOY : The environment to enrich the startup ecosystem isn’t fully developed yet, some of the angels investors upon investment they would interfere with the startup business and try to overpower them. Sometimes thinking they’re helping, but they’re not.

Dr. Tausif Malik: What can be done to increase the fertile startup ecosystem to support budding entrepreneurs? 

Hasan ALDOY : We have to start securing the future of the startups, increase number of incubators that plays a big role in the scene, such as CH9 in Amwaj Islands in Bahrain. Make regulations and bylaws protecting entrepreneurs from being scammed or fooled by Venture Capitalists.

Dr. Tausif Malik: Finally, a message to budding Bahraini entrepreneurs? 

Hasan ALDOY : Do what you love, which will make you love what you do. Success isn’t about how much you make, it’s about how much love and passion can you give to what you do. Don’t think seed round, target your Round A right after your retained 1000 user / customer.

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