IFDC Takes Modest Fashion to Mainstream in Historic Deal with Torino, Italy

Modest Fashion's Historic Deal with Torino, Italy


Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) has announced a historical deal with Torino Fashion Week supported by leading names like Mercedes Benz courtesy of Autocentauro Italia, and Vogue Italia. For the first time, an official mainstream Italian fashion week will be partnering with a modest fashion organization (IFDC) to bring this lucrative fashion category to Italy in an official capacity. This is a powerful opportunity for fashion industry players and IFDC is now accepting designer submissions. The selection process is set to begin shortly with a focus on quality and skill. All suitable modest fashion designers may now submit their brand for selection at Office@IFDCouncil.org.

With IFDC as the exclusive modest fashion partner, Torino Fashion Week will be held from June 28 to July 3, 2017. The setting is an open-air event, which will embrace the beautiful and historical city of Torino! These 7 days will include fashion catwalks, workshops, live photoshoots, internal event categories, and unique buyer sessions and business matching events that are designed to increase commercial and revenue opportunities for all participants. The fashion week is already attracting top media, influencers, buyers, and attendees from all over the world. With 10,000 people already registered, the event is off to a remarkable start given the registration on the TFW website has not even gone live yet.

Claudio Azzolini, founder of TFW and President Association TMODA regards TFW to be “an event fully dedicated to fashion, especially now with the official inclusion of modest fashion through our partnership with IFDC”. Upon its founding he stated, “The Torino Fashion Week was born to give the city its image as a city of fashion, to absolutely compete with other top tier Fashion Weeks, but also to create its own identity”.

Italy has the 4th largest population of Muslims in Europe with a strong spending power, hence why the official modest fashion partnership is significant in this mainstream fashion week. “There’s no doubt, this is a big space to watch throughout Europe and other fashion weeks will soon catch on”, said Azzolini. According to The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, the Islamic fashion industry is continuously booming with an expected $484 billion to be spent by 2019. This is almost double 2013’s figure of $266 billion and coincides with the expected growth of the Muslim population that has a target audience of two billion strong.

IFDC’s Chairwoman, Alia Khan is expected to give a keynote speech on July 3rd at Torino Fashion Week’s closing ceremony and has been requested to meet the Mayor of Torino, Chiara Appendino, to further explore opportunities on behalf of the modest fashion industry. The government has also invited IFDC to partake in a roundtable meeting to further explore and expand opportunities for industry players.

Since its designation as World Design Capital, Torino has distinguished itself as a central hub for creativity, innovation, and design. And as a city with deep tradition in fashion and textile manufacturing, it has made a smart connection between Italy’s fashion industry and the modest fashion sector of the Islamic economy. Khan states, “modest fashion has a strong following and market. This is an asset to any mainstream fashion initiative who wishes to open up to more opportunities. We wanted to help create something new within a fashion week. We believe a more comprehensive business opportunity can be realized for designers and brands including the sponsors, and delivering that is a strong focus for IFDC and TFW jointly”.

Photo courtesy of ‘TMODA

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