Innovation is not just for R&D units and large corporations. Total has a team – Total Energy Ventures – that identifies opportunities for cooperation with energy startups, and supports them by acquiring holdings. With more than 500 proposals analyzed per year, Total Energy Ventures gives the Group clearer insight into the changes affecting some professional fields and helps it to plan for long-term growth. From the generation of renewable electricity and energy storage to intelligent network management, new forms of mobility and energy efficiency, the startups supported by Total Energy Ventures help to shape the landscape for energy that is plentiful, more environmentally friendly, and cheaper and easier to access.

In Pursuit of Innovative Energy Startups

As part of Total’s commitment to a better energy future, Total Energy Ventures constantly tracks the startups ecosystem in order to identify, promote and capitalize on breakthrough innovations that might deliver:

1.New solutions or professional fields that might in the long term become growth drivers for the Group;
2.Major improvements in our operations, in terms of safety, effectiveness and environmental footprint.

For Total, this tracking is essential in a world where traditional businesses are now seeing the emergence of startups that succeed thanks to innovation, often in the space of just a few years. Startups have proliferated in communications, the media, marketing and all forms of commerce. Transportation and energy are also increasingly being affected by these rapid and extensive changes.
It is the revolution in access to knowledge, especially thanks to IT, that has given everyone, everywhere, the ability to innovate. This applies equally to opportunities for pooling skills, publicizing and financing projects, and distributing new products and services far and wide.

Innovative startups are most often identified through Total Energy Ventures’ external networks: private equity players such as startup incubators, industrial entrepreneurs, investment funds, and public sector innovation support bodies. They are then analyzed with the help of all the Group’s innovation stakeholders, in its central management and professional fields.

Selective Investments in Promising Startups

When it comes to innovating in industries like energy, which are over a century old and fully mature, projects are long, expensive and complex. For Total, a good way of positioning itself in forward-thinking sectors while keeping control of its financial exposure is to invest in innovative startups. If they focus on a clear goal, and are supported by serious shareholders who bring to bear their expertise and networks, and share the risk over the long term, startups are an investment in the future.

The startups supported by Total Energy Ventures meet a demanding set of specifications. The primary selection criterion is the learning value for the Group, assessed by a steering committee.

“Total Energy Ventures’ focus is much less short-term than most Venture Capital (VC) investors. The potential to bring new solutions to energy markets has been a key driver in our discussions.” Eric Donzier, CEO Openfield Technologies.

As an investor, Total Energy Ventures also evaluates the quality of a startup’s technological capacity, business plan and management, and carries out a financial analysis to determine the ROI prospects, a key element in the final decision for an acquisition.

Ultimately, Total Energy Ventures invests in 1-2% of proposals analyzed.

Working Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Startups

Total is a committed partner, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the innovative startups it invests in. Total Energy Ventures usually sits on a startup’s board of directors as an observer, and maintains a constant relationship with the management team and other shareholders. The Total Energy Ventures team encourages and facilitates discussions and cooperation between the Group’s business units and startups. Numerous commercial or technological agreements have been signed or are being prepared.

Our commitment is to work even more closely with startups, not only in the USA and Europe in the major innovation hubs where we already operate, but also further afield in all growth areas. This commitment to startups earned the Group the “Corporate Investor of the Year” award during the 2017 edition of the prestigious Global Cleantech 100 forum1.

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