Entrepreneurship and Outsourcing – Part 1


“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” – Steve Jobs

There might be several motivations for going down the path of Entrepreneurship, which might be as varied as creating something new, following an idea, quest for independence, a mollification of the ego etc etc., but whatever might be the reason – Entrepreneurship is a quest to achieve things in ones’ own terms and values and there is no way Entrepreneurship can be taught. As swimming, cannot be taught till one jumps into the water, similarly, Entrepreneurship must be learnt by jumping into the unknown clinging to one’s belief, ideas, commitment etc.

In todays’ fast paced world where the barriers are being continually brought down and access to ideas are increasing, it has become very important for first generation entrepreneurs to be focussed and fast. New idea generation does not suffice the goal of entrepreneur, he must generate ideas and make sure that the ideas are implemented at the optimal level bringing about the desired benefits to the entire socio-economic environment. And with the advent and opening up of the IT era and innovations in technology it has become all the more important to identify and focus on one’s strengths and work around the same in creating an efficient environment for the organisation.

It has become all the more important to focus on ones core strength and with options available outsource the non-core activities to units which have specialization in the same. Today we are talking about Collaborative Disruption, where existing ideas, ways of doing things, services, products etc., are being changed and revamped through strategic collaborations and integration of activities.

Organisations are coming together to create a symbiotic synergy where innovations are rolled out by strategic functional outsourcing. A case in point being the way defence sector in India is being opened up in the present years with active participation of the end user (Army, Navy, Airforce and other wings), the Front (Government Manufacturing agencies which are directly under the Government like HAL etc.) and the collaborators to whom a large component of the manufacturing process is outsourced. It is imperative that as an entrepreneur we do a clear SWOT analysis, cut down the clutter into simpler yet non-linear thinking and position ourselves in the market either as the idea generator or the idea implementer. Manufacturing Outsourcing is taking a key shape in today’s competitive world by breaking down functions and roles and bringing in lot more clarity and focus to those individual roles and functions.

Satish Nair is Management professional and a First Generation  Entrepreneur  with a degree in  Mathematics from Calcutta University and Masters Degree in Marketing Management from Pune University. He has experience in marketing, branding and has worked a Business Head in a Chinese company looking after operations in China, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan. He has written case studies, papers etc for institutions like IIM-B, KJ Somaiya, ICBM Hyderabad. He also has been visiting lecturer at Raffles Millenium Business School in Bangalore. He is currently the Managing Director of Anshira Ventures Pvt Ltd which is into sourcing of products from China and Indo-China trade consultation.

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