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Shape, a Tunisian EdTech Startup raises new funding from Oman Technology Fund


The Oman Technology Fund (OTF) has invested undisclosed amount in Shape, a Tunisian EdTech Startup founded 2021 by Rahma Abid.

Edtech Shape has developed a digital platform that allows professionals to access continuous learning programs. The platform allows users to develop a personalized training plan that meets their career goals. The startup claims that it has more than 1000 users on its platform.

Rahma Abid recently shared her story on her LinkedIn page.

Rahma further wrote in her post that she faced new problems as she didn’t have enough resources to have a good product. She applied to the flywheel AIR 1 program in March 2022 but said she got a rejection. However, Abid didn’t give up and she continued to build a newer version of Shape and launched the coaching program for future employees.

Abid said she received more than 400 candidates but could only accept 20 candidates. The first cohort was in partnership with Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program.

Over the past few months, the OTF has been investing in several Tunisian startups, including Galactech, SgharToon, Wattnow, Seemba, and Avidea. It has also shown keen interest in Egyptian startups like Homzmart, SWVL, and Bekia.

Oman Technology Fund “OTF” aims to put Oman firmly on the map of knowledge leaders in the Middle East. The OTF will effectively work on attracting these types of promising projects to launch their operations in Oman to enhance knowledge-based economy, and to develop the ICT sector in general. The OTF operations focus on defining the futuristic ideas in the technology sector, and amongst the entrepreneurs who have high potential technology and technical innovation ideas/projects, within a geographic area covering Oman and the Middle East, through a phased plan that includes investment, guidance and cooperation.

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