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Oman Eases Restrictions on Promotional Campaigns to Boost Local Markets


Oman Eases Restrictions on Promotional Campaigns to Boost Local Markets. In a bold move to invigorate local markets and enhance competitiveness, the Omani government announced that businesses can now launch their promotional campaigns without prior permission from the Ministry. This significant policy shift aims to make it easier for companies to offer discounts and special offers, ensuring more affordable pricing for consumers.

The new initiative includes several key conditions to maintain fairness and prevent market disruption. Firstly, discounts offered should not exceed 30 percent. Furthermore, promotional offers and discounts can be held for a maximum of three consecutive days per week. Additionally, each establishment is allowed to organize such promotions up to three times within a single calendar month.

With this streamlined process, commercial entities intending to offer discounts or promotions are only required to notify the Consumer Protection Authority via email at CSDG@pacp.gov.om. This notification process eliminates bureaucratic delays, enabling businesses to respond more swiftly to market demands and consumer needs.

This policy shift represents a proactive step towards stimulating economic activity in Oman. By reducing the administrative burden on businesses, the government hopes to foster a more dynamic and competitive market environment. This change is expected to benefit both businesses and consumers, as companies can attract more customers with enticing promotions, while consumers enjoy better prices and a wider range of options.

As Oman continues to implement measures to support economic growth, this initiative highlights the government’s commitment to creating a business-friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurship and market vitality. The ease of launching promotional campaigns is a testament to Oman’s forward-thinking approach in fostering a thriving commercial landscape.

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