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Omani Tech Startup Unveils Innovative 3D Education Technology


Omani Tech Startup Onsor Technologies Unveils Innovative 3D Education Technology at Future Dimensions Week 2. The company unveiled its ‘AMAD Device’ at Future Dimensions Week 2, held at the Independent Learning Centre in Sultan Qaboos University from April 16 to 23.

During the event, which showcased the fusion of knowledge and modern technology, Onsor Technologies presented an innovative educational experience that promises to revolutionize learning for both students and faculty members.

CEO Maadh bin Ahmed al Hinai described the AMAD Device as harnessing advanced technology that enables users to interact with 3D content without the need for special glasses. By monitoring eye movements with precise cameras, the device immerses users in rich cognitive worlds, making educational content clearer and more engaging.

According to Hinai, this technology fosters deeper understanding of complex concepts, which can be challenging to visualize in two-dimensional space. He emphasized that AMAD enhances interaction with educational content, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

Essam al Ismaili, Chief Commercial Officer of Onsor Technologies, expressed the company’s commitment to providing this innovative technology to educational institutions. Their goal is to improve the quality of education and enhance student learning experiences across the board.

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