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‘FriendyM’ Car Management and Maintenance App launched in Egypt

Dr. Nagla Dowidar

In a step towards enhancing the role of technology and innovative smart solutions to facilitate the lives of citizens, “FriendyM”’, the application specializes in car management and maintenance and is the first of its kind in Egypt, was launched yesterday.

The application is currently working in several other countries, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Besides, it provides its services to customers in the Cairo and Alexandria governorates with investments worth more than $2 million. It also aims to reach 100,000 cars on the application in the first year and expand into all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

According to the car data that the user registers through the application, “FriendyM” sends notifications to remind you of the car’s regular maintenance appointments, the necessary maintenance operations, and also helps in calculating the average cost of the operation. In addition to that, the application manages car expenses such as fuel bills, parking spaces, and cleaning.

The application allows all invoices to be attached to the user’s account and also provides an expense analysis service to indicate the most expensive items, which helps in managing expenses and rationalizing expenses.

One of the most important features of the application is the provision of technical support service through the “Chat Support” feature to communicate with mechanical engineers and specialists to respond to inquiries, and the availability of booking maintenance appointments through the specialized maintenance centers located on the application at competitive prices. It also provides emergency SOS services and creates a complete record of cars if they are sold.

The “FriendyM” application is also working to launch the Lite and elite concierge services soon with monthly fees to provide distinctive services. Subscription to the Elite concierge service allows the service of requesting relief vehicles in emergency situations and car replacement services in the event that its maintenance takes several days.

As for the Lite concierge service, it provides the service of having a dedicated mechanical engineer following up on your car quarterly. Besides, Elite concierge service provides customers who subscribe to the two packages with exclusive discounts of up to 25% on maintenance costs and annual insurance subscriptions.

Abdelrahman Elgamal, founder and CEO of “FriendyM” application, said: “We are happy to launch “FriendyM” in Egypt, which required our hard efforts and dedication to work through a professional and enthusiastic team to provide innovation and technology to our customers.”

He added, ” We also seek to exploit the digital transformation revolution brought about by the Egyptian state to enhance our presence in Egypt, meet the needs of our customers, and provide a unique experience.”

Elgamal added, “We aim to reach all segments of society, especially women, because they are naturally less experienced in knowing what concerns the technical aspect of the car. Besides, we will work to help them, through our innovative digital solutions, perform periodic and emer

Dr. Nagla Dowidar
Dr. Nagla Dowidar
Dr. Nagla Dowidar is a dynamic professional with a diverse skill set encompassing academia, learning resources, and technology. Serving as the Bureau Chief for Egypt at GCCStartup.News and holding the position of Managing Director for Egypt at RiseBack.org, Dr. Dowidar is a dedicated advocate for accessible education. RiseBack.org, under her leadership, focuses on facilitating affordable undergraduate and graduate/master's programs in collaboration with accredited Indian universities, offering starting fees as low as $60 per month. As a technology enthusiast and innovative team leader, Dr. Dowidar not only contributes to disseminating information about startups and innovation within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region but also stands out as a trainer, utilizing her expertise to empower individuals with knowledge. Her commitment to breaking barriers in education and fostering creativity makes her a notable figure in both academic and technology circles.

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