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Arab Youth Center concludes second edition of the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp – Cohort 52’


The Arab Youth Center concluded the second edition of the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp – Cohort 52’, yesterday in Abu Dhabi, under the umbrella of the ‘Young Arab Diplomatic Leaders’ program. The camp was organized by the center, in collaboration with the European Union Delegation to the UAE, COP28 Youth Champion Team, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD).

The bootcamp witnessed dozens of intensive workshops and panel discussions that focused on improving the policy-making and negotiation skills of 52+ young men and women working in the UAE government, particularly with climate-related matters. The program expertly prepared youth to engage actively in two important upcoming events: the 18th edition of the Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18), which will bring together 1000 young people worlhttps://www.worldwildlife.orgdwide, and the 28th Conference of the Parties for Climate Change (COP 28), scheduled to be hosted by the UAE later this year.

On this occasion, numerous participants conveyed their delight at engaging in the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp’ – Cohort 52′. They highlighted the bootcamp’s opportunities to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of negotiation fundamentals, enhancing their abilities with innovative concepts, and empowering them to contribute towards tangible change in the regional climate change discourse and sustainable global solutions.

Hoor Ahli, a UAE Youth Climate Delegate, student at New York Abu Dhabi University and a participant of the bootcamp, said: “It was my pleasure to take part in the bootcamp; I presented the strategy of the UAE Youth Climate Delegates’ program for COP 28. Throughout this program, we introduced youth to initiatives and measures taken concerning climate change. Our goal is to amplify youth involvement and representation in the climate agenda, familiarize them with tasks executed within this strategy, and aid in identifying potential solutions to challenges confronted by young people in this sector.”

She added: “The issue of climate change extends as a broad and interconnected challenge concerning various local and international bodies and perspectives. Thus, the role of informed and climate-savvy Emirati and Arab youth working in diverse sectors will contribute greatly to devising climate change policy and promoting sustainable change across all sectors, both regionally and globally.”

Mohammed Al Ajmani, Chairman of the Youth Council at the Ministry of Health and Prevention and a participant of the bootcamp, said: “The presence of youth as contributors to the decision-making framework concerning climate change is pivotal. Empowering leadership and government in the UAE serves as a significant impetus to learn and invest our utmost efforts as youth in addressing climate change in our workplaces and daily lives. Furthermore, harnessing our knowledge as young individuals signifies great power. I believe that acquainting myself with broad information related to the climate change agenda, youth dimension, and decision-making in the role of COP 28, will equip me with the capability to make personal decisions in society at large and crucial professional decisions in my workplace.

“One of the most crucial skills gained through my participation in the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp – Cohort 52’ workshops, centered around the climate change topic and COP 28, is grasping the fundamentals of negotiation. This skill is essential in giving one the ability to advocate for their cause in the climate change domain and various aspects of life.” Al Ajmani added.

Maitha Al Ketbi, Projects Assistant Director at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and another participant of the bootcamp, said: “I felt privileged to have been nominated by my workplace to take part in the bootcamp. This opportunity serves as a golden chance to connect with young leaders hailing from diverse sectors, organizations, and institutions across the country. Among the most valuable skills I acquired were negotiation skills, the art of exchanging ideas on matters concerning the global community, and effectively conveying the country’s vision on issues in a compelling manner to counterparties. I believe that this skill represents a form of soft power in today’s society, serving as a crucial tool for persuasion, dissemination of societal culture, and alignment with future directions.”

She stressed her willingness to implement the skills she acquired at the camp within her job responsibilities, stating, “In my role, I engage with numerous international institutions and agencies. My newly honed negotiation skills will aid in clearly articulating the Ministry’s stance within the energy and infrastructure sector, while also projecting a positive image of the UAE on a global scale. Additionally, skills related to persuasion, simplifying information, and direct communication will be crucial in conveying ideas concisely and effectively. This approach avoids unnecessary complexity and information overload, catering to non-experts in the field. These skills collectively make up the most significant aspects of negotiation.” Al Ketby added.

The second edition of the ‘Negotiation Skills Bootcamp’ coincides with the 52nd year of the establishment of the union of the UAE as well as the declaration of 2023 as the ‘Year of Sustainability’ under the slogan ‘Today for Tomorrow’. It reinforces the UAE’s efforts as host status of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

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