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AmCham Kuwait supported the 2nd Digital Transformation Kuwait


ABCK (AmCham Kuwait) supported the 2nd Digital Transformation Kuwait Event, a gathering organized and hosted by GM Events at the Grand Hyatt Kuwait. This event brought together influential thought leaders, industry experts, and government officials to engage in comprehensive discussions regarding Kuwait’s dynamic digitalization landscape. The diverse range of topics covered aimed to accelerate Kuwait’s vision for a digitally empowered government and foster innovation and growth in the digital era.

The central theme of the event revolved around “Accelerating Kuwait’s Vision for a Digitally Empowered Government.” Key speakers from both the private and government sectors delved into the ambitious goal of digitalizing 90% of e-government services within a four-year timeframe. Discussions extended to optimizing the adoption of emerging technologies and leveraging data analytics to enhance the quality of citizen and resident services. The importance of robust cybersecurity measures was emphasized to ensure the protection of sensitive government data.

The event also addressed the critical link between digital strategy formulation and execution with a compelling session titled “From Digital Dream to Reality: Bridging Strategy and Action in Government Strategy Execution.” Experts explored the challenges and strategies necessary to translate digital aspirations into tangible, impactful government initiatives.

Navigating the complexities of artificial transformation was another focal point, shedding light on the technical and security challenges inherent in this transformative journey. Attendees engaged in discussions on identifying solutions and overcoming obstacles to realize the full potential of artificial transformation.

In the rapidly evolving digitalized age, elevating Customer Experience (CX) emerged as a key focus. Participants explored customer needs, responsiveness, time efficiency, and proactive problem-solving. The integration of big data analytics, data mapping, and algorithms took precedence in the shift from reactive to proactive customer care. The importance of safeguarding customer information and maintaining loyalty across organizational mediums were integral components of the conversation.

The Innovation Technology Session showcased the Smartest Way to Data Marketplace, highlighting cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to data management.

In the realm of cybersecurity, the event addressed the imperative of shifting the state of cyber risk from estimation to causation. Deep dive discussions covered the evolving challenges of cybersecurity, the impact of deepfake technology, and the crucial importance of data privacy regulations and compliance.

As the event navigated the digital frontier, a special focus on “Empowering Kuwait’s Youth Through Digital Transformation” emphasized the role of technology in revolutionizing the learning experience for the younger generation. Insights on aspirations, concerns, and recommendations were shared, emphasizing the importance of digital literacy and collaborative strategies for implementation.

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