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Gulf Bank provides Kuwaiti fashion designers with a global reach opportunity


Gulf Bank, in partnership with Oud – one of the region’s leading fashion and beauty Platform – is launching the second edition of Oud Fashion Talks Conference on May 11, 2023. The conference is set to happen across two days, at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, and is sponsored by Tamdeen Group, Maserati Kuwait, Yeprem Jewelry and Beidoun Company.

The second edition of the conference will witness the participation of international and Kuwaiti experts and designers, as well as a large number of investors and journalists specialized in fashion – who will discuss all issues related to the fashion industry both locally and globally, through discussion sessions and workshops.

The first day will witness five panel discussions with the participation of a group of experts and specialists, on a number of topics such as: The Evolution of Luxury Retail in the GCC, Making Kuwaiti Fashion Firms an Attractive Investment, Shaping a New Era of Arab Style for the New Generation, Creating the Future of Fashion and Fashion in the Middle East. In addition to a special session on Gulf Bank’s role in supporting SMEs, designers and young talents in the fashion industry.  

Gulf Bank

During the press conference held yesterday, the Deputy General Manager of Corporate Communications at the Gulf, Mr. Ahmed Al-Amir said: “Last year, we have witnessed great success and interaction from various parties interested in the fashion industry in the first edition of the Oud Fashion Talk conference. And this year, we were keen to develop the second edition, to further support young designers and help provide them with a global reach opportunity.”

He added: “During the first edition, we sought to provide a platform that brings together young designers in Kuwait, with international experts and designers, due to the importance of this sector and the increasing interest and demand from entrepreneurs and youth in Kuwait. The aim was to help them gain new experiences and showcase their talents and innovations to international designers and investors. This also helps them follow the latest developments in the fashion industry.”

Furthermore, Al-Amir indicated that the first edition shed light on sustainable fashion and has already received a great deal of attention due to the presence of a large number of experts. Additionally, he stated that the Bank was keen to develop the second edition by adding interactive workshops that create the necessary environment for young Kuwaiti designers to interact with international experts.

Al-Amir mentioned that Gulf Bank will spare no effort in financing entrepreneurs in the fashion industry who meet the SMEs criteria, in order to help them grow and expand. He also referred to Gulf Bank’s role in supporting various initiatives, aimed at consolidating the principles of sustainability in society; especially those related to youth, entrepreneurs and SMEs. Al-Amir noted that such initiatives aid in enhancing the Bank’s role in developing the national economy and support Gulf Bank’s 2025 strategy and Kuwait Vision 2035.  

He further mentioned that this conference is a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the fashion industry and highlight the challenges facing young designers and creators in Kuwait, and across the region, as it also encourages investment in local creators and designers.

Al-Amir stressed that Kuwait is full of creative youth who possess creative energies and ideas in various fields – and that it is Gulf Bank’s role to provide the required support to develop their talents and ideas and help them achieve their dreams and lead their future.

In his final statement, Al-Amir expressed his best wishes to the participants in the conference – including young designers, international experts and the general public – in achieving the desired goals, so that the second edition will be a strong addition to build on next year.

Tamdeen Group

For his part, the General Manager of Marketing at Tamdeen Group, Mr. Muath Al-Roumi, said: “We are pleased to be a supporter and partner of the second edition Oud Fashion Talk conference, which adopts the concept of sustainability in fashion world locally and regionally, and creates links between local talents and international designers.”

He added, “During the last few years, we have seen significant growth in the fashion industry in Kuwait and across the region; hence, we would like to take this opportunity to create a space to learn more about these designers and influencers in this industry, and the most prominent challenges they face.”

He continued: “As part of our social responsibility, we, at Tamdeen Group, support such initiatives and participate in this dialogue. We support forming institutional and community partnerships to develop the concept of sustainable fashion; with the aim of consolidating this culture amongst members of society, and to bring about the required change in this sector.”

Maserati Kuwait

On this occasion, the Public Relations Manager at Maserati Kuwait, Alaa Al-Failakawi, commented saying: “We are pleased with your participation today in announcing the launch of the second edition of Oud Fashion Talks, and in expressing our belief in the importance of community participation to support young talents in Kuwait.”

He added: These sponsorships reflect our vision and social responsibility towards society by investing in youth, which helps build a creative generation and leads to positive, long-term results for the benefit of youth and the national economy.”


The Creative Director of Oud.com, Asma Al-Mulla, expressed her thoughts stating: “The first edition of the conference was a unique experience in Kuwait to support local designers and Kuwaiti talents in the fashion industry. The second edition will be the most prominent event that brings together the most important personalities, fashion experts and major influencers in the fashion world locally and globally.  The conference will discuss the idea of ​​sustainable fashion, and the challenges faced by creators in the fashion industry across the region.”

She added: “We believe in the necessity of connecting Kuwait with the world of fashion at a global level, in order to shed light on the challenges facing the fashion industry and creativity in the region. Hence, we were keen to introduce Kuwaiti creators and designers, and encourage their talents – as Kuwait has become the center for art and creativity, especially in the field of fashion. And with the changes and openness that the region is witnessing, the time has come to unveil new initiatives to keep pace with the latest developments in the fashion industry.”

Registrations for the workshops and talks happening on May 11 and 12, can be done through Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre application or website.

Four Workshops

The second day of the conference will witness four workshops run by Kuwaiti and international experts and designers, which include: Kuwaiti Fashion Designer, Bazza Al-Zouman, Fashion Photographer, Patrick Sawaya, Founder and Director of F2Max Production Company, Maxim Sapozhnikov, and Strategic Partner Manager from Meta International, Joana Jamil.

Fashion Exhibition

An exhibition will be held throughout the conference, to promote the brands of 11 Kuwaiti designers, and exhibits, which will include designs by seven fashion designers, two jewelry designers and two shoe designers.

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