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Top Palestinian start-ups converged in Dubai at ICEP 4.0


20 promising Palestinian entrepreneurs gathered in Dubai at ICEP 4.0, the 4th edition of the International Conference on Entrepreneurship in Palestine from 1st and 2nd November, 2022

Titled “Innovative Palestine in the UAE; People & Potential” the annual two-day event was held for the first time in Dubai at the Museum of the Future and DIFC Fintech Hive respectively. ICEP 4.0 is being held in strategic partnership with DIFC Innovation Hub with the support of Dubai Future Foundation.

“It is rare and inspiring to witness Palestinian entrepreneurs overcome geopolitical challenges to innovate and create platforms that can have a real impact on their communities and hopefully the region,” said Tarek Aggad, Chairman of Arab Palestinian Investment Co.-APIC “ICEP 4.0 is showcasing vibrant start-ups from a wide range of sectors in Fintech, Ed-Tech, Insur-Tech, AI and Health-Tech. We hope ICEP will help unveil the true potential and versatility of the Palestinian entrepreneurship ecosystem, and to inspire additional support from business leaders and investors in the UAE who can partner with these start-ups on the next step in their growth journey”

Habib Hazzan, Managing General Partner of Ibtikar Fund, said “With ICEP 4.0, we aim to shine a light on Palestine’s most game-changing, investment-ready startups that will not only find a strong base in Dubai but will someday play a pivotal role in the UAE and wider Arab region given their scalable nature and proven track record in regional markets.”

Palestinian startups that will participate at ICEP 4.0:

Vatrin: Operating in the ecommerce/SaaS sector, Vatrin makes it easier for small-business owners with little technical know-how to set up a simple website to facilitate and track online orders and payments.

Gamiphy:  Aretail-growth platform that helps online retail brands enhance their customer experience via loyalty programme, gamification, and personalization leading to improved sales and revenues.

Tawazon: A relevant HealthTech sector player that focuses on mental health of individuals and families

Mashvisor:  Real estate investors rely on Mashvisor’s technology for data analysis and insight related to their investments.

Algebra Intelligence: By integrating artificial intelligence solutions into the energy sector, Algebra Solutions has ushered smart technology into sustainable development.

Xina AI: Addresses the much-needed gap forArabic voice assistants that can accommodate the different dialects spoken in the Middle East

GoMake: GoMake’s intelligent algorithms provide manufacturers with a cost-effective plan that includes maximum utilization of raw materials and machinery, and a customised process for each product according to the appropriate timelines, qualities and prices, resulting in increased productivity rate, faster KPIs across production phases and up to 200% increase in revenues.

360Moms: A HealthTech player that addresses the needs of the 65 million young mothers in the Arab region with apersonal digital tool that answers mothers’ everyday health concerns and challenges.  

Safra: A travel technology company that connects travel businesses together through its high end travel platform, offering a variety of solutions to help them grow, expand and achieve their business goals.

Jeelcode: An EdTech company that teaches kids computer coding to prepare them for future jobs

Naviatx: Operates in the insurtech and smart mobility spaces to fight against the leading cause of death around the world – car accidents. Naviatx’s mobile App Maslak, converts driving behaviors into risk scores that are then used to reward safe drivers.

JobifyGLO:  Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered technology startup exploring automation using small datasets

Open Screenplay: Operates in the screenwriting, entertainment and Ed-Tech sectors offering atwo-sided marketplace, targeting aspiring screenwriters on one hand and entertainment companies and educational institutions on the other. 

Modesta:  Aims to be the leading modest fashion ecommerce platform for women by aggregating special collections from various vendors and brands to make purchasing modest fashion an easy and enjoyable experience

Kenz: A multi-brand ecommerce platform selling women’s intimate wear to empower women to feel more confident while shopping.

Nabeeh: A technology-driven platform powering home maintenance and renovation through a trusted network of service providers

Tadamon: Operating in the humanitarian and NGO sectors, Tadamon organises fragmented charity cases by verifying and making them available on a single online platform for donors to easily support.

ERPMax: A tech company targeted at all business owners who need to automate and optimise business operations.

Olivery: A SaaS platform that enables ecommerce companies manage the delivery and logistics needs via an accessible, affordable subscription- based model

Cymetricx: A cybersecurity company targeting organisations looking for better visibility across a wide range of security areas and disciplines

Booklet: A Fintech offering SMBs in Saudi Arabia e-invoicing capabilities to remain ZATCA-compliant

Flare: A streaming, gaming and AdTech company targeting live streamers and streaming platforms

ICEP is the biggest and most empowering dialogue platform of its kind on the startup economy, innovation, and technology ecosystem in Palestine. ICEP 4.0 will be attended by Palestinian entrepreneurs and regional representatives of business incubators, fintech accelerators and VC funds in addition to government and private sector organizations across Palestine and the UAE. The annual event is held in cooperation with the Global Shapers Hubs in Palestine, a community of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in partnership with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship & Empowerment, Bank of Palestine Group, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank-funded Innovative Private Sector Development Program (IPSD), APIC Group and Hubert Burda Media–Germany with sponsorship of UNEC, Reach Holding in the UAE, Levari Law Firm and CoolNet.

Continue Reading: https://www.gccstartup.news/mena-region/iran/iran-to-offer-visas-for-startups/

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