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Qatar Government Unveils five-Year Residence Permit Program


Qatar Government unveils Five-Year residence permit program for talented individuals and entrepreneurs. This is to enhancing its workforce and fostering economic diversification.

With an increasing demand for skilled professionals and innovative entrepreneurs, Qatar aims to bolster its economic competitiveness and position. The Qatar government is proactive and promoting itself as a hub for talent and innovation in the region.

By offering a five-year residence permit with renewal options, Qatar provides foreign nationals with a stable and conducive environment to pursue career opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures.

The Qatar Government unveils Five-Year residence program’s eligibility criteria ensure that applicants possess the requisite skills, experience, and financial resources to contribute meaningfully to Qatar’s economy and society.

Moreover, the streamlined application process and online platform reflect Qatar’s commitment to efficiency and transparency in its immigration procedures.

The residence permit program is anticipated to commence accepting applications in the coming months.

Eligibility Criteria

For the talent category, applicants must secure endorsement from a relevant Qatari government authority and possess a job offer or demonstrate financial stability. Entrepreneurs need a business plan endorsed by recognized business incubators and make a minimum investment of QAR 250,000.

Documentation Requirements

Standard documents include a valid passport, digital photograph, recent good conduct certificate, and personal bank statement. Additional documents may be necessary based on the permit category and applicant’s location.

Application Process

Applicants must obtain endorsement approval from Qatari authorities and then apply online through the Mustaqel platform. Successful applicants will receive electronic pre-approval, facilitating the immigration process. Visa endorsement is required for applicants outside Qatar, while details for those within Qatar are forthcoming. The government fees for the residence permit range from QAR 4,000 to QAR 5,000.


The residence permit initiative underscores Qatar’s commitment to attracting and retaining talent and fostering economic growth and innovation.

The availability of residency permits for talented individuals and entrepreneurs aligns with Qatar’s broader vision of economic development and diversification, as outlined in its National Vision 2030.

Overall, the introduction of this residence permit program underscores Qatar’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent and fostering innovation-driven growth in key sectors of its economy.

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